A woman's love and life

Haydn, Fauré, Debussy, Liszt, Schumann


A woman is speaking. Listen to her! She loves, smiles at the world, hopes feverishly, laughs in the sunshine of youth, rebels, worries by the crib, is suddenly quiet when he who was her everything departs this world....


Soprano : Claire Lefilliâtre

Piano : Stéphane Fuget




Joseph Haydn


Arianna a Naxos


Franz Liszt


Nuages gris


Gabriel Fauré


Au bord de l’eau

Après un rêve


Reynaldo Hahn




Claude Debussy


La fille aux cheveux de Lin


Edouard Grieg


Zur Rosenzeit


Robert Schumann


Frauenliebe und Leben